Posted at 2013-05-28 09:03:27

I'm a little late with this post, as I wanted to have this up yesterday. Better late than never I suppose. I wanna give a brief explanation on what the new site is and what it is not. In it's roots is just a conversion of the current platform to a new platform. Now you probably wonder why, since "if it works, don't fix it".

I have a few sites running, which the Sheet Generator is one of them. Simply, they cost me money to host and keep up as the services are provided for free. The little advertisements on here don't bring in much, if any and the Donate button is more an extra image for decoration than anything else.

So I am merging my sites into one single site to save on the cost of hosting and better maintainability. The conversion will include some layout changes and features from my other sites will be available at the same time. The transition (no time frame yet) should mean little to no change for you, the users.

While I am merging the Sheet setup to the new platform I will try to take into account some of the issues/suggestions and ideas that have been mentioned as well as trying to add some additional sheets, but that is not the highest priority. In the end it's a hobby project and if I feel like doing some additional work I will and if I don't feel like it, I wont, easy as that :)

Suggestion and ideas can be posted on the facebook page or you can twitter them to me @dalines_.

PS. The one thing that has been implemented already on the new version is the "Password reset".

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