Name:Sonny Jump-to-Helios Breed:Lupus PackName:
Player:Sabin Auspice:Theurge PackTotem:
Chronicle:Silverlake Tribe:Uktenna Concept:Wolf out of time

Physical Social Mental
Strength Charisma Perception
Dexterity Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina Appearance Wits
Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness AnimalKen Computer
Athletics Crafts Enigmas
Brawl Drive Investigation
Dodge Etiquette Law
Empathy Firearms Linguistics
Expression Leadership Medicine
Intimidation Melee Occult
PrimalUrge Performance Politics
Streetwise Stealth Rituals
Subterfuge Survival Science
Backgrounds Gifts Gifts
Fetish Sense Wyld (Lupus) Rite of Binding
Spiritual Network Spirit Speech (Theurge) Rite of Spiritual Awakening
Rites Uncloak the Hidden (Uktenna) Rite of Summoning
Pure Breed Sense Wyrm
Renown Rage Health
Glory Bruised
Gnosis Injured
Honor Wounded
Willpower Crippled
Wisdom Incapacitated
Rank:Cliath 7
Drive = Ride
Charisma (Charming)
Intelligence (Knowledgeable)
Occult (Umbra)

Fetish: Turtle Necklace (Level 3, Gnosis 7) Grants 2 extra soak dice against all attacks, even silver. From Croatan.

Flaws: Confused (2: Confused about the world around him, gets severe when surrounded by modern day reminders and under stress)
Foe from the Past (2: An enemy, from Sonny's past, but considered from the past as it is no longer the same person)
Nightmares (1: From many years spent in the Umbra, surviving)
Jupiter Descending (6: Roll a separate die on all rolls, never adds successes, but can add fails)

Merits: Natural Channel (3: 1 less to step sideways, +1 react from spirits)

Freebie Points: 25 + 7 flaws
Sense Wyrm (7 Points)
+1 Charisma (5 Points)
+1 Intimidate (2 Points)
+1 Expression (2 Points)
+1 Empathy (2 Points)
+1 Rage (2 Points)
+8 Background (10 Points)
+2 Willpower (2 Point)

Sonny is not from this time. He is from the 16th century, and if one was to look at what might be a birth certificate from when he was born, he is about 150 years old. Being born in what is now Arizona, he was raised to be a proud garou to fight the Wyrm and learn the myths and legends, and unravel the secrets of his tribes. That, unfortunately, did not happen. A great evil was building on the plains, the Wyrm was gathering, and was getting ready to strike. The Apocalypse seemed to be upon them, and answers were needed.

The Uktenna took it upon himself and his pack to travel deep into the umbra, and look for answers for him and his tribe- no, his people, to make sure that the pure lands could once again become pure. He left his life behind, said goodbye to his friends and family, and took off, traveling through the Aetheral realm, running across the Abyss, and even went to the homelands, all looking for an answer.

Sonny thought that an answer may be in what is refered to as the Flux, a land of Wyld, and constant change. He and his pack pushed through, but only 2 of them made it through the thick weaver cocoon surrounding it. He watched, as they made through the realm, his pack mate got twisted and pulled apart, unable to handle the energies. Sonny felt himself change as well, warping, but holding himself together through sheer force, though still effected by it, his fur shifting colours, even afterwards, and with every moon's phase, would appear as a different breed, though with the same number of points in pure breed.

After an unknown amount of time, Sonny was able to find an exit, but fell through, landing in a deep forest he was unfamiliar with. Little did he know, he ended up near Lake Placid.

Inventory: 6 round Colt, Hand made Knife, Hatchet.