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Name:Albert Nature:Explorer Life:Arctic Explorer
Player:Autochthon Demeanor:Visionary Death:Stranded on pack ice
Chronicle:Great War PBP Shadow:Freak Regret:Never mapped the world

Physical Social Mental
Strength Charisma Perception
Dexterity Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina Appearance Wits
Talents Skills Knowledge
Alertness Crafts Bureaucracy
Athletics Drive Computer
Awareness Etiquette Enigmas
Brawl Firearms Investigation
Dodge Leadership Law
Empathy Meditation Linguistics
Expression Melee Medicine
Intimidation Performance Occult
Streetwise Repair Politics
Subterfuge Stealth Science
Backgrounds Passions
Legacy (Explorer) Pay Martha 5 shillings for being right about Ghosts (Humor)
Memoriam (Explorer) Explore the Shadowlands (Wonder)
Eidolon Become published in Stygia (Longing)
Artifact (Trench Shovel) Amass a collection of deathly artifacts (Greed)
Status (hierarchy) Make sure the families of the expedition members get Closure (Duty)
Haunt (Ruined Ship)
Arcanoi Corpus Fetters
Argos Compass
Moliate Journal
Outrage Gravestone
Willpower British Museum display
Pathos Experience
Freebie Spends

* 2 Points: Artifact, Shovel used to dig through ice and snow, razor sharp to help deal with frozen permafrost.
* 1 Point: Status (Hierarchy) has an explorer and mapmaker, someone has to keep track of what changes the Malestrom has wrought!
* 2 Points: Merits (See below)
* 5 Points: Argos 2>3
* 5 Points: Charisma 2>3


* Dark Secret (Cannibalized his crewmates after they died, 16 WPG): -1
* Enemy (One of his crewmates crossed over as well, and is not pleased that he watched his body get eaten from the Shadowlands, 25 WPG): -2
* Daredevil (22, WPG): 3
* Hierarchy Boon (Considered an agent of the Hierarchy and is entitled to safe haven and passage through areas controlled by the Hierarchy or its allies. Other Dark Kingdoms harassing him may piss off Stygia akin to someone arresting a Diplomat): 2
* Echos of the past (The crunching of bone and the howling of arctic winds, WPG 16): -2
* Full of Life (He's taken to death rather well, and due to him seeing death has a release from his suffering, his Corpus is a bit more lively, WPG 22): 2

Total: Two freebies spent on Merits, all others canceled out by flaws.


* Wits: Navigation
* Languages: German, English

Fetter Explanation

Compass: Taken with him on the ill fated trip, it points north with perfect accuracy, which is strange considering it was found frozen solid.

Journal: Details of his last few days exist in here, along with dozens of arctic observations

Gravestone: Upon the recovery of his frozen Corpse, he was buried in a London Cemetery. The rest of the expedition's bodies where found with their bones burned and smashed to bits, and amassed under a cairn on the Island.

British Museum Display: Hundreds of specimens he's collected are in the British Museum, has a part of a wider exhibit on the Arctic. Included in the package is a stuffed Great Auk his grandfather, also an explorer, managed to capture before they went extinct.

== The Shadow ==

Archetype: The Freak (A representation of how he resorted to cannibalism to survive, only to die alone on that island. Basically, he ate his comrades for nothing). Albert calls it "The Wendigo" after a monster he read about has a child.

The Wendigo wants control, but its smart enough to realize that it can't just badger Albert into letting it loose. The Wendigo tries to assert control by pointing out that he's quite a bit stronger in Carthisis due to the Wendigo's lack of restraint. If he's in a tight spot, then the Wendigo will petition for permission to take over for a little bit to get him out of the situation. And it usually does, it wants to seem useful to Albert, a dark side he can let loose in times of need...

The Wendigo won't take over for any longer then is agreed to. But unfortunately it refuses to limit what it may or may not do in Carthisis save for "I'll save your ass". The only thing it won't do is anything suicidal or likely to get Albert destroyed, soulforged, or otherwise result in serious consequences that threatens the Wendigo's future 'apartment'.

However, the Wendigo has a few...unusual tastes, and will take any and all opportunities to explore its desires while in control. This usually involves attempts at cannibalism, defiling corpses, or other acts of violence. Fortunately, has a creature of Oblivion, the Wendigo has no sex drive or really much understanding of such things. Its hungry, and it does what it can to feed, and remind Albert of what he did on that boat so he might gain more angst.

Angst: Storytellers Fiat/Needs to be Rolled for

Dark Passions

* Defile Corpses (2, Glee)
* Feed on other salients (3 Gluttony)
* Corrupt Others (3, Rage)
* Punt happier wraiths into Nihls (2, Envy)

Thorns (All Freebies went in here)

* Shadow Traits (Three points Strength): 6
* Specter Prestige (Has a hungry monster, the Wendigo embodies Oblivions most purest qualities): 1
* Shadowed Face (Emaciated monster with deer legs, sharp talons, and a head resembling a deer's skull): 3

== Haunt ==

The "Nerieds Grace", a half-sunk icebreaker is currently moored in a British Harbor. There's some debate in Parliment about if they should melt it down for scrap to fuel the war effort, or keep it around has a museum piece. Obviously, Albert would prefer to see it kept around.

Its in some serious disrepair, but he thinks with some effort he can repair the shadowlands reflection of the ship.