Application process - Looking for Group tool

As a player you can view the current list of Chronicles. By clicking on the title of the Chronicle you will be able to view more information. This information includes the full Description as well as the current player base (of all players that are listed on this site, these are not necessarily all the players of the Chronicle).

If you have any Characters created with the Sheet Generator you will see them in an overview on the Chronicle's detail page. The last column will either say you are not eligible or give you the option to apply. Not being eligible can be caused by a few things:

  • The Chronicle is of a different type (oWoD vs. nWoD)
  • The Chronicle does not include Characters of the specific Character Type.
  • The Chronicle is no longer accepting new players
  • The Chronicle is finished.

If you click on apply you Character will be attached to Chronicle with the a pending status. It is up to the Story Teller to accept or reject your character. It can also happen that the Story Teller adds a remark to your Application in order for you to fix up some things on your Sheet before they are willing to Accept your Character.