Chronicle creation - Looking for Group tool

The creation process of a Chronicle for the Looking for Group tool is fairly easy and should take only a couple of minutes. On the creation page you will see a few settings that you can fill out.

The title is obvious and should contain the title of your Chronicle. The website setting is optional, but can contain a link to your Chronicle's website. The next part is the selection of the status of your Chronicle.

The default for the status of your Chronicle is that you are accepting new Players and Characters. However it can happen that your Chronicle is full and you are no longer accepting any new players or characters. Please select the appropriate status of your Chronicle.

You can either select old World of Darkness or a new World of Darkness as the type of your Chronicle.

The last part of the creation process is the description of your Chronicle. The better and more accurate information you give here the easier it is for players to find the correct Chronicle for them. You can use WikiFormatting for the Description field of your Chronicle.

After saving your Chronicle you will be redirected to the Modification page. Here you can check which Character types you are allowing into your Chronicle.

When you are ready you can go here to create a new Chronicle.