WikiDiceRoller installation guide

Install the WikiDiceRoller.php file into your spellbook/Sheetgen/Potions directory.

Install the diceroller.html file into your spellbook/Sheetgen/templates directory.

In your wiki.ini file (usually in spellbook/Wiki/conf) add Sheetgen_WikiDiceRoller at the bottom of the [potions] listing.

Now, the database needs to be updated with the Dice Roller tables. You can see the SQL output by surfing to http://yourvoodooinstance/setup/Controller/Wiki

Execute the SQL so the tables are created. Now you can use the potion within your wiki pages by using:

The default number of results to show is set to 12. You can change this by supplying the number you desire to the Potion call; if you'd like 30 rows to show up for example, use:

You can download the Dice Roller from the Downloads page.


There are a limited number of configurations available. They need to be added into the sheetgen.ini file (usually in spellbook/Sheetgen/conf) file:
use_sheet_characters = On ; or Off
allow_any_character = On ; or Off
mutually_exclusive = On ; or Off
variable_difficulty = On ; or Off
default_difficulty = 8 ; Any number between 1 and 10
The use_sheet_characters boolean determines whether or not a Character selection will appear for registered users. The selection will only appear if the user has any Character Sheets created.

The allow_any_character boolean is used to determine whether or not a regular text input will be shown as a place for the user to put a character name.

The mutually_exclusive boolean regards both the previous settings. If this is true it means that if a registered users has any Characters, they can only choose from those. If they however have no Characters, they will be provided the normal text input.

The variable_difficulty boolean turns on an additional input which allows the User to choose the difficulty.

Note: the Wiki Dice Roller requires an installation of the version 0.5_beta1 or later.