Memeories of a dark rose

A new World of Darkness Chronicle - Accepting new players

"The truth reflected in the mirror is reality, struggling in the darkness."

New york City and Japan places that never sleeps for the human race and home to ghosts many have faced their deaths then became ghosts. any human that has been alittle touched by ghosts became the bound or a sin eater after they return from death's door and have a geist dewell with in them.

But something is up many people are in fear of death himself and the city that never sleeps is about to have a rude sleep,a very unsual case going on around the world dubbed 'the dark rose case' snice many rumors are sprending of a Wildow woman named Ms.Rosewall who claims to be a rich and kind woman to help any child in need was in local church around the states. Yeah Right and many ghosts in the underworld are getting upset snice us childeren need to live much longer and not go to underworld,the thresholds are very very mad due to this case but one of the rumors has something to due with ghost or a spell offering to keep that person alive forever if they have the right blood. I was one of the childeren that have been killed due to this case but the underworld has offered me a Second Chance to have a new life and to find my killer and the childeren to prevent their deaths as a bonus and to stop this case from going very haywire. I need to find bounds that will help stop this case and get some payback on Ms. Rosewall for doing these sinful crimes.This is our story of second chances and returning from deaths door and to find the same killer to prevent the crimes she has done so will you join me?

Welcome to the world of memories of a dark rose a new world of darkness takes in places of San diego Cailfornia and in Shinjuku tokyo of Japan.

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