Detroit: The Final Nights -

An old World of Darkness Chronicle - Accepting new players

Detroit: Final Nights is an online chat with limited slots within the Vampire and Garou venues. Detroit will be heavily involved in the matter of politics, for both the Vampire and Garou side of the game. This does not mean we will not have involvement of Combat it is simply our preference to delve into the political arena of boths venues instead. A game of Social intrigue instead of the constant, Garou vs Wyrm or Camarilla vs Sabbat/Anarch/etc.

Mortals - including Kinfolk and Ghouls - will find that their roles will be more diverse as well. Just like the other venues, the Mortal characters will have a chance to grow and gain power. Mortals will find themselves sitting in high position of authority where a Vampire or even a Garou (yes, even a Garou) may vie for this individual. Does this mean that a Vampire will be going around ghouling every mortal of importance? They may try but who is to say they were the only one looking or perhaps that particular Mortal has some very power and yet unknown supernatural backing behind them.

In Detroit: Final Nights, it is not the supernatural who ultimately rule the city but the mortals that walk about the world unknowing of what lurks in the dark and what calls either the woods or certain territories in the city their home. Mortals are the makers and the breakers really, the pawns of Social intrigue.

Storytellers work as a team and we keep that number to just 3, with Narrators to be brought in to help with some running of storylines. The staff looks to keep the chat small, not looking to become a large online chat.

System: We use Addon Chat as our chat of choice and we use the Project Voodoo engine for our database.

If you are interested in joining us, come check us out.

Current players

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