San Diego by Night -

An old World of Darkness Chronicle - Not accepting new Characters at the moment

It's one of America's most attractive cities, the thing is, we aren't the only ones that see it that way. San Diego offers a rich feeding ground for things that stalk the night. Americans romanticize vampires, they paint them in a portrayal of glitter and sparkles so that Hollywood can sell the latest souped up sex novelette, and the truth is, they like it that way. Let the kine delude themselves into thinking nothing worth fearing lurks in the shadows, it makes preying upon them that much easier.

Even the outskirts of the city are far from safe. The wilder areas provide refuge to fearsome legends, legends that have interwoven their own ways in with the modern era. Wolves or bear running wild are a rare sight in this part of the country, but there are state protected lands, zoos, and unscrupulous breeders offering something that walks on the wild side. Magicians perform acts featuring great cats, serpentariums house frightening collections of exotic taste, rodents run through the sewers, and only Gaia knows what lurks beyond the safety of the beaches when one ventures into the Pacific ocean.

The West Coast is well known for it's wildly open minded ways, ways that defy the concept of civility or class in other parts of the country. The Southern end of the golden state is home to a large population of proud homosexuals, unashamed pot smokers, and other social deviants from every walk of life. As such, it shouldn't come as a surprise to find such a massive coalition of people that practice the arts. Some call them devil worshipers, others call them tree huggers, and some... Some just call them a nuts. Whatever they are, it's hard to say whether there's something to all the secrecy surrounding their activities. If they're something more than human, they aren't telling, and if they do, I imagine they have their methods of convincing those that do know to keep their secrets.

Of course, all this paranormal activity was bound to attract some attention. Whether those that come in search of the strange and mystical are legit, or maybe they just watched one too many episodes of Supernatural, it's hard to say. All I know is, I wouldn't want to be alone after dark, and when the smoking gun levels in your direction, pray that the bullets are something other than iron or silver.

Welcome, to San Diego by Night.

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