Beneath A Blood Red Moon -

An old World of Darkness Chronicle - Accepting new players

Welcome to San Francisco, the city by the bay. For centuries, the city has stood as a beacon of Camarilla strength in a turbulent west coast environment. Anarchs flood the state, threatening the hold of the Camarilla; Sabbat packs roam north from Mexico, endangering both lives and (perhaps more importantly) the Masquerade. But through it all, San Francisco stood strong. That was until this year.

Prince Pontiac, the Gangrel elder, had been at the helm of the city for nearly a century and a half. Despite the internal bickering, his vast influence managed to keep the outside forces at bay. Sure, there were dust ups with the Sabbat from time to time... but everybody could rest assured when they went to sleep in the morning that when they rose, the city would be as safe as it had ever been. For all of his strengths and weaknesses, Prince Pontiac was the shield for the city. Nothing bad happened on his watch.

The entire city was shocked to find Prince Pontiac dead in his home in early May. Nobody, literally nobody, has expected the death of an Elder in the city, let alone the death of the most influential one. It was at that moment that the cracks began to appear in the city's peaceful facade. Rumors began to fly about the death of the Prince being an inside job. Afterall, how could somebody as powerful as he suddenly end up? The Sabbat could barely get their foot in the door, let alone in his haven.

Perhaps equally suspicious was the sudden appearance of the Kuei-Jinn immediately after Pontiac's death. The timing seemed too perfect, as if they knew when the city would be at its most vulnerable. The mysterious vampires from the east waged a proverbial blitzkreig on the eastern side of the city, quickly overrunning territory long held by the Ventrue, Malkavians, and Brujah. They seemed unstoppable at first, but with the combined efforts of the Nosferatu and Brujah the flood was stopped and the losses mitigated. That is when the conflicted turned internal.

Nathaniel Orwell, Prince Pontiac's Seneschal of nearly five decades, was left with a mess in his hands. The leader of the city was dead, and outside force was invading, and his own Kindred were busy bickering with each other. The Seneschal did what any good man would do, and stepped up to claim leadership of the city. There were others, though, that would see another rise to the top.

An opposing faction, led by the city's Sheriff Sanchez, called into question Seneschal Orwell's capability to lead. The Nosferatu Sanchez publicly stated that the city needed, in its greatest hour of need, a powerful leader, one who could unify rather than watch all of the clans delve into anarchy. That leader would be Sanchez. The Brujah fell in line behind the Nosferatu, giving backing to their claims of leadership. The Malkavians, meanwhile, have the power of the Ventrue behind them. Other clans remain yet unswayed, waiting to tip one direction or the other.

San Francisco is a city divided, with enemies both within and without. Questions and rumors run rampant - Who killed the Prince? How was he killed? Did the Kuei-Jinn have a hand on it? Or did somebody from within the city have a hand in their timely arrival? Which way will the balance of power go, and who will benefit from it? Allies and enemies are made nightly as Kindred struggle to survive and thrive in San Francisco.

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