Cross ven (VTM, WW the apocalypse, mages, hunters, and humans)

A new World of Darkness Chronicle - Accepting new players

This will be a cross ven game matching you skills as a player. I have run many games like this myself but this will be my first time on line. If you have any questions you would like to throw at me regarding anything including character strength. Yes I will allow high generation vampires and high power WW, mages and so on. If you are thinking of bring anything lower than a 9th in please make sure you know how to play it. The lowest you will be allowed to go is a high 8th low 7th. Also this will be a Skype game if you donít have it please donít apply. I will be starting the storyline on 14th September 2012. Hope to see you all there.

Current players

For information on the application process for Chronicles please see the wiki.