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A new World of Darkness Chronicle - Accepting new players

Tarnished Reflections is a game focusing on Vampire: The Requiem and set in the World of Darkness, a cracked mirror of our own world. On the surface it is a world much like our own but just lurking beneath the surface, a dark corruption eats away at the very foundation of the lives within, threatening to devour everything they hold dear including their sanity, and their very souls. This is a game about choices and compromise where survival and power are often times at odds with morality.

While most succumb quietly to the dangers that lurk just beyond our ken, some choose to meet the darkness head on, seeking to master it and become the nightmarish legends told only in hushed whispers. Others defiantly stand as a sole beacon of light, forever trying in a losing battle to keep the void at bay.

Which path will you choose?

Current players

For information on the application process for Chronicles please see the wiki.