Caravaggio di Notte -

An old World of Darkness Chronicle - Accepting new players

Caravaggio of Lombardy, a city in the lasagna stained heart of Italy. A city that is 40 kilometers east of Milan. The city dates back to the 10th century when the Cappadocians were still a major clan within the world of vampires. Now the once cobbled streets have risen to paved roads, and lofty towers have shadowed ancient churches.

The Camarilla control the city but not without the eyes of the Giovanni watching. Behind the facade of the city, whispers spread of secrets that are coming out of the very stones themselves. The Camarilla and the Giovanni have held a shifty friendship for a long time, soon it will be tested as new faces step from the shadows, alliances form and break, and the endless Masquerade spins as it has spun for time unknown.

Current players

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