Lazarus Taxon

A new World of Darkness Chronicle - Accepting new players

A Mage: the Awakening chronicle set in Seattle. The Pentagonal Shield consilium is finally back on its feet after a devastating war in 2001 that coincided with the Nisqually Earthquake- one of the worst in the city's history. The war devastated the Free Council, the Silver Ladder and left the Mysterium's Atheneaum in shambles. Ley lines and Hallows all over the region are spiritually polluted and the Shadow is restless. The worst part is, no one can remember what happened.

The PC's are drawn slowly into an ancient vendetta that threatens not just Seattle but mages and possibly humanity itself. The game will be focusing on themes of discrimination, genocide, tribalism and secrecy. There are skeletons in the closets of Emerald City's mages and they are beating down the door. Will you hear their tale?

Current players

For information on the application process for Chronicles please see the wiki.