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A new World of Darkness Chronicle - Accepting new players

Sticking to the shadows they watch as the mortals mill about, here and there ...their lives so easy so unassuming. But we know better, we know what watches from the dark, what creatures hide under the bed, what howls in the night.

The truth can not be peeled back and exposed showing the man behind the magic curtain, all is hidden in the night behind smoke screens and diversions. But this is not the place to be alone, nor the place to feel safe: pity the child alone in its crib, pity the woman walking home from the store for shadows come and fall and place death where life once was.

Welcome to Fearful Judgment, a Modern-nights New World of Darkness Site based in the New England area and centered mostly on Salem.

Current players

For information on the application process for Chronicles please see the wiki.