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The World Of Today

The world of today , in 2010 is a far cry different than that which it was 2 years ago. Two years ago Noah's Flood, predicted by scientists long before it occurred wiped out most of Europe's land, and while there was warning and some preparation made not all humans were moved to safety. Fact is the entire mission for the most part was held as a close secret, and information that was leaked considered as valid as tabloid headlines. In a sense it was a cleansing of humanity. The most unique, healthiest smartest, and of course the richest were the first to be secretly moved to safer grounds before the flood arrived.

Since the flood the entire world has changed, Those who thought they had so much found they actually had very little, those who had very little found themselves missing nothing. Those were the ones that adjusted easily to this ill fated adventure called life after Noah's Flood. Of course everyone was into self-development these days, everything from weight-lifting to New Age stuff, but only for vanity, image or financial gain. The inner self was granted no real value on its own it was never really developed. People were getting to be like gasoline that was all additives and no substance. Most people believed the truth was in the core of a person, in the heart, so if you had a heart the rest of life would fall into its proper place. Some felt they were born with a good spirit. Most people were trying to regain what they had lost, and because they didn't know it, they were going about it in the wrong way.

When the flood gates opened., and the world found itself baptized in the tears of God, no one person place or thing was left unscathed. The amount of land covered was still over two years later being accounted for. None the less the world did manage to go on as always rolling with the punches one might say. In the months following Noah's Flood, the vampires continued to pull the strings from their shadowy positions. First the Sabbat went wild, then the Camarilla decided it was safe to come out of the shadows. When the Sabbat made themselves blatant and public, the Camarilla held a hasty council, and decided that they would remove the Masquerade, for fear that the Sabbat would be the measure by which vampires were perceived. They managed to convince enough people quickly enough to stem off the tide of anger and uneasiness that mortals felt towards their newly discovered enemy, the vampire, and gain their trust.

They the Camarilla proclaimed themselves the centuries-old enemies of the Sabbat, and held themselves up proudly as the defenders of humanity from those vicious monsters who they compared to Hitler in a sense, It was an amazing public relations campaign, and with only a little Domination grease to turn the wheels here and there they managed to win the favor of humanity. The world needed a hero and it had found one, The Camarilla. This allowed the kindred to go back to the same old practices they had done for generations, manipulate humanity, but this time they were not hiding. The time became known as New Beginnings, to those Vampires of old who had seen and experienced far more than those they existed with they saw it this as a new twist to an old tale. New York being the metropolis that it was, and the gateway to the United States in days of old and new found itself flooded with lost souls seeking refuge. Soon the city had to close its doors allowing entrance to nobody.

New York had during the flood lost some ground, for example the Holland tunnel was now a safe haven to sneak in a small submarine loaded with what today was considered contraband..Human beings. To the onlooker and if one went by what they read or saw on TV. one would think this was a time of jubilation, for New York was considered one of the worlds first Elysium's, a very open City where Vampire and Man would coexist , where life was to be celebrated and peace would reign.....

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