Posted at 2008-04-30 20:53:48

It's been over two years since a new version of the Sheet Generator has been released. I'm happy to announce the conversion of the Sheet Generator to a Voodoo Package.

What has changed?

The most important changes have happened on the back end, being a Voodoo Package it is now easier manageable.

One of the more interesting changes for users is that multiple sheets can be linked to a single login. You can login using your previous credentials; use your email address with which you registered your previous sheets as the user name, your password has remained the same.

While converting from the old version to the new version there were 24 miss matches which could not be converted. If you happen to have a problem logging in, or if one of your sheets is missing, please report the sheet id on the message board and I will contact you.

Also, you need to login first before creating new sheets. You can view your sheets at any time by logging in and going to MySheets page.

Future improvements and Additions

One of the main reasons to convert the Sheet Generator to a Voodoo Package is the extendability. I'm planning on adding a WoD Chronicle package to Project Voodoo, which will allow users to create, maintain and run WoD Chronicles, whereby characters, sheets and storytellers can join In Character Forums and Chats. Please keep an eye out on this page for the progression on the WoD Chronicle Package.

Upgrade & Custom Sheets

If you have a 1.4.x version of the Sheet Generator running and would like to upgrade to the Voodoo version, please check the following page: WikiUpgradeToVoodoo.

This also contains information on how to convert your custom created Sheets and data.

If you happen to have any Custom Sheets running and you would like to share them with others, please post a message on the message board. Thanks.

Have fun!

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