Upgrade from 1.4.x to Voodoo

The Voodoo Sheet Generator comes with a conversion tool to move your previously stored version 1.4.x sheets and their attached user credentials to the new Voodoo setup.

Please install Project Voodoo following the linked guide. After that refer to the VoodooSheetgen page for a guide on setting up the Sheet Generator package.

After both are installed and configured you are ready to use the conversion tool. Important Note: Do not add any sheets yet, otherwise the conversion tool will not work (in case you already added sheets, it's recommended to delete those).

In your Sheetgen controller directory is a subdirectory called conf. In this directory is a file called sheetgen.ini, this is the main configuration file for any settings related to the Sheet Generator package.

Open this file with your preferred text editor and scroll to the section [conversion_db]. This section is used to enter the credentials for the database and host on which your version 1.4.x of the Sheet Generator software is running.

The original entry of conversion_db and the sheet_conversion sections looks similar to this:

driver				= MySQL
server				= localhost
name				= database_name
user				= user_name
password			= password

1 = vtr ; Vampire: the Requiem
2 = wod ; World of Darkness
3 = wtf ; Werewolf: the Forsaken
4 = mta ; Mage: the Awakening
5 = vtm ; Vampire: the Masquerade

Please change the server, database_name, user and password entries with the correct settings.

The sheet_conversion section is used to convert the original Sheet Type ID's to the new Sheet Generator types. If you have any custom made Sheets please follow the steps in the Custom Sheets section now.

After you have converted your Custom Sheets to the new versions, you can add entries for those Sheets in the sheet_conversion section. Take the ID from the database table in which the sheets are stored (TBL_SHEET) and add the abbreviation of the Voodoo version of your sheets as the value.

For example, if you had created a Changeling: The Lost sheet and it's ID in the database is 6, your upgraded Sheet is called ctl, then the entry would be:

6 = ctl ; Changeling: The Lost

Running The Conversion

If all the settings are correct, you should now login with your admin user and navigate to http://your.url/sheet/convert. This will perform a dry run, nothing is converted yet. It will show you a list of everything that will be done. At the bottom of the page is a button "CONVERT ALL NON-FAILURES!", if you are happy with the dry run results, press that button to copy all your previous sheets to the new setup.

Note: the old sheets will not be deleted, so no need to make a backup.

Custom Sheets