Posted at 2008-05-02 21:10:44

The problems that some people might have had with the registration of new accounts has been resolved. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Previous users of the Sheet Generator software should be able to still get to their former sheets, please use your email address, that you registered your sheets with, as username.

If you'd like to help out improving the software, the sheets, if you have suggestions, complaints or just want to discuss stuff, please visit the message board.

Posted at 2008-05-02 09:15:11

I have added two new Character Sheets to the engine:

Changeling: the Lost and Promethean: the Created.

You can now use them by selecting them from the front page select box, they are also available in the WikiDownloads section of this site so you can add them to your own setup of the Sheet Generator. They are only available in the new Voodoo format.

Please refer to the WikiInstallNewSheets page for help on how to add those sheets to your setup.

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