Installing New Sheets

This page describes how you can install additional sheets that can be found on the WikiDownloads page. For help on creating custom sheets please refer to the WikiCustomSheets page.

The following instructions assume you have both Project Voodoo and the Sheet Generator package installed, configured and running correctly.

Step 1: download

Please download the package file of the desired Sheet from the WikiDownloads page.

Step 2: unpack

Unpack the file to a temporary location. Every sheet package comes with four different directories included: conf, images, style and templates.

Copy the contents of these directories to the directories with the same name in the location of your Sheet Generator package in your Voodoo setup.

For example, if you have your Voodoo setup in /var/www/voodoo and your Sheet Generator package is most likely located in /var/www/voodoo/spellbook/Sheetgen.

Move the file(s) from the unpacked conf directory to /var/www/voodoo/spellbook/Sheetgen/conf. Do the same for images, style and templates.

Step 3: configuration

Now that all the files are in the correct location, you'll have to enable them in the Sheet Generator configuration file. This file is called sheetgen.ini'. Open the config file with your desired text editor and scroll to the [sheets] section.

You see a list of abbreviations with a Sheet title linked to it. The unpacked files in the conf directory will be named sheet_$abbr.ini.

For example if you are installing Changeling: the Lost, then the file is called sheet_ctl.ini. Use the abbreviation from the file name in your configuration file, so in this example:

ctl = "Changeling: the Lost"
Save the file and the Sheet should now appear on your site as a selectable choice. Have fun!
See also: downloads, custom sheets, configuration