Creating Custom Sheets

A character sheet for the WoD Sheet Generator consist of 3 different files:

  • a .ini file that describes the configuration of the sheet.
  • a .html file that describes the html template of the sheet.
  • a .css file that defines the style of the sheet.

In order to create a sheet or alter an existing one, it is assumed you know how HTML and CSS works. It is also assumed you have a running version of the Sheet Generator on your own server, for more information on installing the Sheet Generator software, please see the VoodooSheetgen wiki page.

The Configuration file (.ini)

The configuration files for the the different sheets are located in the $spellbook/Sheetgen/conf/ directory.

For more information on .ini files, see the entry.

Each section within the config file describes the settings of that section and defines the children within that section. Example:

settings = "1_5_grey"

Intelligence_10 = "dots"
Strength_11 = "dots"
Presence_12 = "dots"

Wits_13 = "dots"
Dexterity_14 = "dots"
Manipulation_15 = "dots"

Resolve_16 = "dots"
Stamina_17 = "dots"
Composure_18 = "dots"

The above is the general World of Darkness Attributes section. The settings = "1_5_grey" basically states the following; each child has 5 inputs and the first (1) is selected. The css Class for this section is "grey".

All the other entries in this section are the children. The number behind each label defines a unique id to which the value will be stored. Make sure all those numbers are unique. The value of the children defines the type of input.

Overview of input types

  • string - simple text input with a label (1 line)
  • stringnoname - simple text input without a label (1 line)
  • check - checkboxes with a label
  • checknoname - checkboxes without a label
  • dots - radio buttons with a label
  • dotsinput - radio buttons with a text input instead of a label
  • dotsnoname - radio buttons without a label
  • dotsvertical - radio buttons positioned vertically
  • textarea - large text input for "Additional Information" fields or similar items.

The Template file (.html)

The template files for the different sheets are located in the $spellbook/Sheetgen/templates/ directory.

The Style file (.css)

The style files for the different sheets are located in the $spellbook/Sheetgen/style directory.