Voodoo WoD Sheet Generator

This is the homepage for the Sheet Generator package for Project Voodoo.

How to Install

This HowTo assumes you have already installed the Voodoo engine.

Download the latest version of the Sheet Generator package from this page (at the bottom of the page). Once downloaded, please extract the Sheetgen directory to your /spellbook directory of your Voodoo install. The next step is to enable the controller in your voodoo.ini file located in your /conf directory.

Open /conf/voodoo.ini in a text editor. Under the heading [controllers] add the following line: sheetgen = On. In case sheetgen is already there as a setting but it is set to Off, change it to On instead of adding an extra line.

Now scroll all the way to the bottom of the file and add the following:

alias = sheet
Save the file and exit the editor. Now we have to add the tables to your database. Please goto http://your/url/setup/Controller/sheetgen, this should show you all the tables needed by the Sheet Generator package that are not present yet. If you have the insecure_sql_execution set to On in your admin.ini file, you can enter your MySQL user credentials to add the tables. It is not recommended to have the insecure_sql_execution enabled.

Once the tables are added your Sheet Generator package is ready to use.

The package comes with two Wiki Potions.

  • WikiMySheets
  • WikiSheetGenerator

The first one adds an overview with all the Sheets for the current user to the Wiki page. The second one adds an interface to let the user create and view Sheets like the front page of the official WoD Sheet Generator site.

Please refer to the Wiki Potions page on how to enable Wiki Potions.

Additional Packages

Upgrading from version 1.4.x

If you are upgrading your Sheet Generator software from a 1.4.x version, please check out WikiUpgradeToVoodoo after completing the above mentioned steps.

See also: voodoo installation, configuration