Murder Will Out - Skype

A new World of Darkness Chronicle - Accepting new players

Looking for a group to play the "Murder Will Out" SAS for Hunter: the Vigil. Recruiting primarily from IRL friends but I will accept outsiders. The game will be run in either Skype or IRC depending on which is most convenient for the group. Hunter tier and compact/conspiracy will be left to group choice out of a few reasonable choices.

Looking for players that haven't read/played the SAS. New players are encouraged, as I am a new ST and somewhat new to nWoD. More experienced players are also ok by me so long as you don't keep showing me up. Just need a group that can have fun but won't make things too uncomfortable. The game will be run in Pacific Time, likely afternoons/evenings but I'm willing to work with my players to arrange it.

The story focuses around a cell of hunters tracking down a supernatural serial killer, only to find that there may be darker secrets lurking in the shadows.

Current players

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