Supernaturals: The Choice -

An old World of Darkness Chronicle - Accepting new players

A Chronicle which uses Mage, Vampire and Garou Venues, run by Daniel Ingleson always welcoming New Players!

Current players

For information on the application process for Chronicles please see the wiki.
CastielWerewolf: the Apocalypse
Christof RomauldWerewolf: the Apocalypse
Isaac CastleMage: the Ascension
Lady Catherine ArgentVampire: the Masquerade
Leinad CarterVampire: the Masquerade
Olivia DonovanMage: the Ascension
Sebastian HawkeVampire: the Masquerade
Shadow-to-LunaWerewolf: the Apocalypse
Theresa NovakWerewolf: the Apocalypse
Victoria GravesWerewolf: the Apocalypse
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