Sheet Generator Configuration

The configuration file is located in the default location for Voodoo controllers, which is in the /conf directory. You will see multiple files in that directory, but the file you are looking for is called sheetgen.ini. Open the file in your favorite text editor.

For the time being the sections [settings] and [wod_settings] are not used.

The section called [privileges] is the one that is important for now. For the [sheets] configuration, please refer to WikiInstallNewSheets or WikiCustomSheets.

The other two sections are explained in WikiUpgradeToVoodoo.


The default entries in the privileges section looks like this:
sheet.view = Anonymous
sheet.create = Member
sheet.modify = Admin,God,Owner
sheet.delete = Admin,God,Owner

sheet.convert = God

Comma separated entries limit the permissions to only the types listed, whereby Owner is a non-group reserved word. Singular group entries limit the permissions to the group listed and any group with an equal or higher access level.

A more detailed explanation on Voodoo Privileges can be found here.